Interactive Design and Development

Moore Boeck provides strategy, design and development solutions that address a wide range of audiences and interactive platforms.

In addition to interactive features, virtual reality experiences, data visualizations, and infographics, Moore Boeck has designed and supports a modern, responsive website and CMS platform for science and public outreach teams at NASA and Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

The team at Moore Boeck works closely with clients in order to understand their goals and establish or improve their web presence and interactive tools.

Current projects include:

  • Responsive websites and applications
  • Infographics
  • Interactive data visualizations
  • Interactive 3D (webGL), webVR, 360 Video
  • 3D modelling
  • Video animation
  • Photography/film/VR production
  • Drone-based VR/360 video production
  • Science writing
  • Native app UX design
  • Content management systems
  • Infrastructure/development framework
  • SEO, analytics, usability testing, user research

Moore Boeck was founded in 2009 by Justin Moore and Andrea Boeck.

Justin Moore design partner

Justin has over fifteen years of experience designing online features, websites and applications for a wide range of clients. He currently directs projects for NASA, JPL, and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

Justin has developed an ongoing relationship with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and has helped significantly grow its web presence. He directs a wide range of online applications, including a robust software platform that drives a number of NASA and JPL's newest websites and applications. Justin has led numerous Discovery workshops at JPL, which has provided an understanding of the processes and goals of public outreach, science, and engineering teams.

Previously as Director of Motion Media for Tree Media Group, Justin worked with Miramax Films, Paramount Pictures, Disney, Leonardo di Caprio Foundation, the Council on Foreign Relations, Global Green USA, Starbucks, and Harvard Medical School's Health and the Global Environment.

Justin's interactive and graphic design has earned several Webby Awards, a NASA Space Act Award, and's Best Infographic of 2012, and his artwork has been collected by the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Andrea Boeck design partner

Andrea has over fifteen years of experience designing high-profile websites and interactive features. With a background in film, photography and architecture, she brings a wide range of skills and perspectives.

Andrea's infographic designs for JPL have been published in books by Taschen and Collins. She also oversees user interface design for NASA's Eyes Explorer, a powerful near real-time interactive model of the known universe. Eyes Explorer was recently installed as a set of four immersive kiosks at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

Andrea holds a master’s degree in architecture from UCLA. Her interactive architectural installation “Openings” was included in the book A Touch of Code, published by Gestalten. She also worked for Commune Design in Los Angeles, designing for architectural projects such as Opening Ceremony.

As a web designer at Viewpoint in Los Angeles, she designed and collaborated on online ad campaigns and interactive features for numerous clients including Chevy, Sony, Nike, Compaq, and HP. She also designed and developed the identity, website, print catalog and promotional materials for UCLA / Department of Architecture’s cityLab.

Andrea worked as associate producer, researcher, and photographer with documentary filmmaker Nonny de la Peña on several documentary films, including Robert Greenwald’s Unconstitutional: The War on our Civil Liberties.

Bergen Moore software architect

Bergen has over fifteen years experience working in software, from Perl to Java to Actionscript to APEX to Ruby, MySQL to Salesforce to Postgresql. He specializes in designing custom software and building sustainable systems that require low maintenance.

Bergen has built nearly a hundred software applications in over ten different programming languages, for a dozen Fortune 100 clients and as many not-for-profit clients.

Specialties: Technical architecture and problem solving, developer productivity, client relations, client-engineer and designer-engineer translation, user experience design, travel, languages and cross-culture communication.

Moore Boeck takes a structured approach to each project to ensure that the client's needs are met while allowing for exploration and creativity. This process includes some or all of the following phases:


An in-depth workshop with stakeholders provides an understanding of the vision, goals and challenges for the project, and produces a roadmap for execution.

Information Architecture

Flowchart and wireframe documents represent all required sections, pages, elements and features of the website.


Look and feel designs for the project based on client feedback, and storyboards for all necessary unique pages give a clear impression of the final design of the site.


Programming and testing for all necessary platforms and devices.

SEO, Analytics, Usability, User Research

Working with stakeholders and users to determine goals and strategies.


As needed, ongoing consultation, design and development support.

2017 Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year

for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

NASA Space Act Award (2)

Eyes on the Earth, Eyes on the Solar System
UX/UI design and development

South by Southwest - finalist, technical achievement

Eyes on Exoplanets
UX/UI design

2017 Webby Awards - Best Science Website

NASA/JPL - Cassini
design and development

2015 Webby Awards (5) - Best Green Website, Best Government Website, Best Education Mobile App, People's Voice (Green, Government)

NASA's Global Climate Change, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA's Earth Now
design and development

2012 Webby Awards (2) - Best Science Website, People's Voice (Science)

NASA's Global Climate Change
design and development - Best Infographic of 2012

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory - MSL/Curiosity Mars Landing

Understanding the World: The Atlas of Infographics - published designs

Published by Taschen
designs created for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The Infographic History of the World - published designs

By Valentina D'Efilippo and James Ball / Published by Collins
designs created for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Nielsen Norman Group's Top Ten Intranets of 2010

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

  • 1.29.18

    New NASA Solar System website launches

    Moore Boeck designed and developed the new This comprehensive survey of our solar system features real-time data, interactive 3D planets, and much more.

  • 11.22.17

    New NASA Mars website launches beta

    Moore Boeck designed and developed the new, which includes real-time data, news, images and videos. Immersive interactive 3D features, raw images and mission portals are currently in development.

  • 8.26.17

    Webby for Best Science Website goes to JPL Cassini

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 7.20.17

    Interactive 3D model of Voyager released

    Moore Boeck created a detailed interactive 3D model of the Voyager spacecraft for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • 6.12.17

    NASA's Eclipse 2017 interactive 3D app launches

    Moore Boeck collaborated with JPL's Visualization Technology Applications and Development group to demonstrate the mechanics of a solar eclipse from multiple perspectives.

  • Mars


    Moore Boeck to design new NASA Mars website

    The website will provide immersive features, realtime data, and the story and science of past, current and future missions.

  • 3.11.17

    New NASA webVR exoplanet surfaces demonstrated at South by Southwest

    Moore Boeck created virtual exoplanet surfaces for TRAPPIST 1d and Kelper 16b.

  • virtual reality


    Moore Boeck to produce virtual reality film in Greenland and Hawaii for NASA

    From coral reefs to glaciers, the immersive film will explore the various ways that NASA Earth scientists work in remote locations.

  • Exoplanets virtual reality


    Moore Boeck designing virtual exoplanet surfaces for NASA

    Users will explore realistic VR simulations of planets in other star system as described by NASA scientists.

  • NASA


    Moore Boeck receives 2016 Small Business Prime Contractor of the Year for Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    JPL recognizes Moore Boeck for its contributions to increase education and awareness for the public as well as provide better online security, content management and digital tools for science and public outreach teams, and moreover their outstanding support in showcasing the agency’s missions and projects.

  • AIRS datamap


    AIRS Applications Browse Tool launches

    The layered datamap visualization tool presents imagery for decision makers from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder Project at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 4.27.16

    NASA/JPL Saturn website launches

    The new website and suite of immersive interactive features highlight the history and dramatic final phase of the Cassini mission at Saturn.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 4.12.16

    NASA Exoplanet Portal launches

    The new website serves both the science community and the public, and includes interactive 3D star systems and planets, current exoplanet data, and many other engaging features.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • Smithsonian


    Four NASA's Eyes Kiosks installed at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

    Four immersive Elumenati kiosks house near-real time interactive 3D models of the Earth, our solar system, and exoplanet systems.

    User interface design by Moore Boeck for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • 8.26.15

    New infographic about Sea Level Rise released as part of NASA's Earth Campaign

    Moore Boeck designed an infographic that covers the science behind sea level rise, who's affected, how much melting ice is contributing, and what NASA is doing to help.

  • 7.31.15

    Exoplanet discoveries presented as a series of infographics

    Moore Boeck is designing infographics that highlight the most significant exoplanet discoveries as part of NASA's 20 Years of Exoplanets campaign.

  • 7.8.15

    GRACE Tellus website launches

    The GRACE twin satellites, launched 17 March 2002, are making detailed measurements of Earth's gravity field changes and revolutionizing investigations about Earth's water reservoirs over land, ice and oceans, as well as earthquakes and crustal deformations.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 4.27.15

    Moore Boeck wins 5 Webby Awards

    Awards include Best Green Website for NASA's Global Climate Change (Jury and People's Voice), Best Government Website for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Jury and People's Voice), and Best Education Mobile App for the Earth Now iOS app (Jury).

  • Earth Right Now logo


    Moore Boeck partnering with NASA for 2015 Earth Campaign

    Moore Boeck is providing branding, campaign concepts and infographic designs for NASA's 2015 Earth Campaign.

  • 1.31.15

    NASA Earth mission launch

    Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP)

    Moore Boeck designed and developed the website for the SMAP mission, which launched into space on January 31, 2015. SMAP produces global maps of soil moisture from space.

  • 12.9.14

    In the media

    NASA's Global Climate Change website redesign featured on NPR

    Moore Boeck's redesign of the website is discussed in an interview with JPL spokesperson Laura Tenenbaum.

  • 12.1.14

    Published designs

    Understanding the World: The Atlas of Infographics

    Two Moore Boeck infographics are featured in Taschen's new book. Included is a four-page spread representing a timeline for the Cassini mission to Saturn for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • 11.16.14

    In the media

    NASA's Eyes on the Earth featured on 60 minutes

    NASA scientist Mike Watkins demos the near-real-time 3D web application to explain how NASA is using GRACE and its other satellites to revolutionize Earth science.

    User interface design by Moore Boeck.

  • 11.6.14

    Website launch

    NASA's Global Climate Change

    The mission of NASA's Global Climate Change website is to provide the public with accurate and timely news and information about Earth’s changing climate, along with current data and visualizations.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 10.5.14

    Website launch

    NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    JPL is the leading U.S. center for robotic exploration of the solar system, and has 19 spacecraft and 10 major instruments carrying out planetary, Earth science and space-based astronomy missions.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 9.5.14

    In the media

    Discover Magazine blog features Moore Boeck infographics

    Justin Moore was interviewed by Angus Chen at Discover Magazine for a feature on Moore Boeck's infographic work with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The article includes the featured infographic for the Curiosity Mars Landing.

  • 7.18.14

    Website launch

    Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)

    AIRS uses cutting-edge infrared technology to create three-dimensional maps of air and surface temperature, water vapor, and cloud properties.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • Earth


    Earth campaign 2014


    Moore Boeck provides branding, featured infographics and interactive features for NASA's Earth Campaign, which covers the launch of five Earth-observing missions in 2014.

  • 6.2.14

    Web app (beta)

    5 Ways to Find a Planet

    5 Ways to Find a Planet demonstrates how scientists locate planets outside our solar system. The web app features custom 3D visualizations triggered by various user interactions within a simple and elegant user interface.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • 5.23.14

    Marvel's Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. Exhibition

    Eyes on Exoplanets

    NASA's Eyes on Exoplanets interactive is featured prominently in the exhibit, which premieres on May 23, 2014 at Discovery Times Square in New York City.

    User interface design by Moore Boeck for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The exhibit is a collaboration between Marvel Entertainment, NASA and the National Academy of Sciences.

  • 5.20.14


    Night Sky Network

    NASA's Night Sky Network is a nationwide coalition of amateur astronomy clubs bringing the science, technology, and inspiration of NASA's missions to the general public.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

  • 3.12.14

    Real-time visualization


    The interactive feature tracks the real-time status of communications with NASA's deep space explorers.

    User interface design and development by Moore Boeck for JPL.

  • 2.25.14

    South by Southwest interactive award finalist

    Eyes on Exoplanets

    The interactive real-time 3D visualization of all planets discovered around other stars was a finalist for a SXSW technical achievement award.

    User interface design by Moore Boeck for JPL.

  • 1.7.14


    GIA's GemKids

    The new responsive website for GIA, inspired by their popular Junior Gemologist program, introduces kids to the science and history of Gemology.

    Content strategy, design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • JPL Mobile


    Mobile website

    NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    A fresh look and optimal user experience for tablet and smart phone.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 6.25.13

    Published designs

    The Infographic History of the World

    Two infographics by Moore Boeck were published in Valentina D'Efilippo and James Ball's compilation of infographics about world history.

  • 5.13.13

    Mobile website


    Includes interactive graphs and up-to-date tracking and information about the most recent exoplanet confirmations by Caltech.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 1.17.13

    Social media campaign

    Climate 365

    Climate 365 is a yearlong social media effort to highlight NASA's ongoing monitoring of Earth's climate.

    Creative direction, branding, design support and social media consultation by Moore Boeck for NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • Moore Boeck CMS


    Custom content management system

    NASA's Global Climate Change

    A rebuild of the GCC website includes a custom content management system with an emphasis on user experience, security, and flexibility.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 12.12.12

    Interactive feature

    Dare Mighty Things: 50th Anniversary of Planetary Exploration

    An immersive interactive timeline commemorates JPL's 50 years since the launch of the Mariner 2 spacecraft.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 12.6.12

    Curiosity Mars Landing infographic

    Named best infographic of 2012 by

    Moore Boeck's infographic for the Mars landing was designed for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

  • 8.6.12

    Featured infographic

    Curiosity: 7 minutes of terror

    Moore Boeck designed the featured infographic for the Mars Science Laboratory ('Curiosity') Mars landing, which represents the entry, descent and landing phases of the mission.

  • 8.1.12

    In the media

    JPL Infographics website

    Wired Magazine reviews the JPL Infographics website, designed and developed by Moore Boeck, and presents a featured Moore Boeck infographic depicting JPL's mission history.

  • 7.11.12

    Augmented Reality 3D app

    Spacecraft 3D

    Spacecraft 3D is an augmented reality (AR) application that allows users to interact with a variety of spacecraft that are used to explore our solar system, study Earth, and observe the universe.

    Design and information architecture by Moore Boeck.

  • 6.20.12

    Interactive feature presented at TEDx conference

    Eyes on the Solar System

    Jon Nguyen presents Eyes on the Solar System, which uses the Unity3D engine and real science and engineering data to recreate the solar system and many of the spacecraft exploring it. Users can explore in both time and space, and access a growing library of features and tours that highlight objects and missions.

    Information architecture and user experience by Moore Boeck.

  • 6.12.12

    Interactive feature


    Aquarius provides NASA's first global space-based measurements of ocean surface salinity, a key variable in satellite observations of Earth that links ocean circulation, the global balance of freshwater and climate.

  • 4.10.12

    Webby Award nomination for Best Science Website


    PlanetQuest is a content site representing the science behind the search for earthlike planets conducted by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

    Design and front-end development by Moore Boeck.

  • Lavi Daniel website



    Lavi Daniel

    Lavi Daniel is an artist living in Los Angeles.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 3.19.12

    Interactive feature

    Images of Change

    Each week the Images of Change gallery features images of different locations on planet Earth, showing change over time periods ranging from centuries to days.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • 1.20.12

    iPhone app

    Earth Now

    NASA's Earth Now is an application that visualizes recent global climate data from Earth Science satellites, including surface air temperature, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and water vapor as well as gravity and sea level variations.

    Design and information architecture by Moore Boeck.

  • Justin Moore receives a NASA Space Act Award from JPL Director of Solar System Exploration, Firouz Naderi


    Justin Moore receives NASA Space Act Award for Eyes on the Earth

    Justin Moore receives a NASA Space Act Award from JPL Director of Solar System Exploration, Firouz Naderi.

    Eyes on the Earth was created in collaboration with Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Design and flash development by Moore Boeck.

  • 12.23.11

    Website launch


    PlanetQuest is a media-rich website that explains the science behind the search for earthlike planets.

    Design and development by Moore Boeck.

  • Eyes on the Earth


    Interactive feature

    Eyes on the Earth

    Eyes on the Earth allows users to explore Earth and NASA's climate satellites in real time, as well as generate up-to-date datamaps related to Earth's vital signs.

    Information architecture and design by Moore Boeck.